Barry Hugill, spokesman for LACS, admitted its membership subscriptions had plummeted from 5,500 to 4,500.

The news comes as the number of people attending hunts has seen a marked increased since the introduction of the 2004 Hunting Act.

Barry Hugill said: “The reason why more people than ever are supporting the hunts is because they have removed the cruelty by going drag hunting rather than killing foxes and stags.”

The Countryside Alliance’s Tim Bonner told Shooting Times this is the first time for about a decade LACS has actually admitted how low its membership is: “The organisation has been in denial for years. The figure is the clearest possible illustration of how marginalised the anti-shooting and hunting campaign has become. One of the most important ways of measuring the success of our own campaigns must be that an increasingly informed public wants nothing to do with LACS.”

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  • james fredrick hampton

    Im only 15 years old and this is wot i have to say they are all a bunch of twats and they dont under stand the inportace of local hunts and shoots to the country side and local farmers in the area they help loads and most of them are from the city any way so they just dont under stand if they looked how long the sports have been around they would proble understan more because it is tradion to a lot of people in the country side just to nipe of to there local hunt or shoot for the scoacil side of the hunt or shoot there is a big scoail community to the hunt and shoot and thats all I’v got to say really.