Speaking in the House of Lords last week, environment minister Lord Taylor said that the Government was close to finalising measures to tackle irresponsible dog owners, and that a final announcement would be made soon.

He said: ?We see microchipping as one of the measures we can take to address an increasing problem.?

More than half of all dogs in the UK are already microchipped on a voluntary basis, and the Government hopes that introducing a compulsory system will also prevent puppy farming, and cut the cost of caring for and rehoming strays.

Lord Taylor concluded: ?I have clearly flagged up the possibility of an expansion of microchipping, and we are working with everybody to make sure that this will happen.?

If compulsory microchipping is introduced, it would be a move supported by organisations including the RSPCA and the Kennel Club (KC).

Shooting Times gundog expert and KC committee member Paul Rawlings said he was sure that such a strategy would have a ?hugely beneficial effect?, but he stressed that all dogs must be included in the scheme if it was to prove effective.

He said: ?Obviously there is a huge community of unregistered dogs out there, such as lurchers and night dogs that are used for poaching. Perhaps this will give the police some power to do something about them if they find them.?

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  • Simon Lefevre

    I read with horror that yet again the Lurcher is treated with such disdain, in an article immediately tagging them with ” a huge community of lurchers and night dogs used for poaching.Sorry I do not have a typical gundog breed at the moment (though I have owned and worked many for the last 45 years) I do however have at the moment a14 month old rescue Lurcher which I work .This I do on land with full permission and with due respect for the hunting laws. Yes there are those that do not . If you wish to solve the problem of out of control dogs I would suggest you try a trip into the dark world of the inner city where fighting dogs are illegally bred with no interest in there well being so would never go near the Vet to be chipped.These animals are used as weapons and over bred in bred ill treated creatures provoked and bred into pure aggression.
    So please do not always blame the well behaved well trained well cared for Lurchers and treat them with such disdain as an easy target.