The request found that Cumbria police forces were given training by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and that Thames Valley Police had similar training with the League Against Cruel Sports.

The Countryside Alliance’s Kate Hoey MP, said: ?The idea that IFAW is a suitable organisation to provide training to officers on issues relating to hunting and the Hunting Act is extraordinary.?

Let us know what you think about this!

  • martyn

    lets hope they haven`t trained the police how to fly gyro-copters , murdering scum .

  • Geoff Miller

    The idea that the Police should tolerate a mob of vigilate’s who take it upon themselves to “police”, intimidate and harrass the lawfull activities of others, let alone be trained by them is extraordinary.

    Do I now take it that I and and a bunch of my mates can take it upon ourselves to “police” the activities of muslims going about their business in the expectation that some of them may be intent upon committing terrorist activities?

    Would the Police be happy to be trained up by us in how they should carry out anti-terrorist activities?


  • Ian Fenston

    Re Thames Valley and Cumbria Police “training”
    The Thames Valley and Cumbria Police actually need training from representatives of the lawful and law abiding hunting and land occupying communities on the subjects of aggravated trespass, assault, and harrassment.

    It is utterly bizarre that the police are so ignorant of, or bewildered by the Hunting Act that they are seeking the advice of people who are more felonious than those they seek to prosecute.

  • Mick

    it beggars belief!

  • Phil

    Having seen a report and the pictures on the daily mails website today, you have to ask if the MET officers that “policed” the countryside march in 2004…were trained by the ALF???
    I think Kate was too polite & reserved in her reaction!
    The duty of the police force is to enforce the laws set out by parliament….NOT how some animal rights group interpret those laws!