The 33 boxes were discovered by RSPCA inspector John Groarke on Chemical Lane, which leads to Queensway Industrial estate.

“The RSPCA is now appealing to the shooting community for information. I am angry that someone dumped these chicks to die. It was extremely distressing to open the boxes and find that most of the chicks had been overcome by the heat,” he said.

BASC’s Stephen Toft commented: “Given the extreme temperatures recently, leaving these birds on the side of the road has to be seen as a reckless act of cruelty and BASC has no hesitation in condemning it. BASC prides itself on promoting the highest standards of game rearing and strongly urges anyone with information concerning this incident to come forward.”

To report information regarding this incident, tel 0300 1234 999.

  • Tim

    This is appalling. One hears of the bag being dumped at the end of commercial days, of raptors being poisoned, birds being put down on the morning of a big shoot to guarantee the bag. Isn’t it time that the shooting organisations actually brought private prosecutions against the perpetrators or assisted the Police to deal with them? Me – I’ll stick to wild-bird rough shooting. At least I know nothing will go to waste.

  • MIke

    Surely—no-one is going to deliberately do this to live poults. Is it not possible that they were part of a lost load from the hatchery, or maybe, even as an extreeme example, the driver of the vehicle they came off, ditched them on purpose. Weirder things have happened. I hope it is established what the true facts are, though.

  • Ryan Lightley

    absoloutley apauling, its people like this that give the profesion a bad name, though its more likely that the chicks died in transport rather than dumped and left to die, it is still totaly unaceptable, we all know accidents like this can happen but with simple planning like checking the weather forcast before hand things like this can easily be avoided, ive seen my head keeper knock back delivery of chicks and poults by a few days many times simply because its too hot or too wet.

  • ryan

    shocking im appalled