At £234.99 this new mod from Sonic is set deeply in T8 territory, but its lightweight modular design makes it very user friendly indeed.

As tested, the over barrel design added five inches to the overall length of the rifle.

And it?s quiet.

When compared with my Northstar there was a distinct difference between the two.

Admittedly it?s tricky to say which is actually the quietest, (our Db meter only measured the peak sounds, which were virtually identical) but the Sonic gave a deeper, more muffled, easier on the ear sound.

Definitely worth a look.

Sonic modular silencer


  • Charles Scicluna

    My wife have just aquired a new .222 sonic sound moderator & it came with without dismantling instructions for cleaning & service etc. Are these instructions avaliable to print on line.

    Regards Charles.