Even though I’m very sceptical I will give them a go but he says they work for him – but surely pigeons can’t be that stupid as to be fooled by such a set-up?

Peter Theobald

Decoyers often overestimate the intelligence of pigeon, forgetting they are purely motivated by the desire to locate their pals and have a slap up meal.

They have no ability to reason, but are guided by instinct and habit. To this end, they would be unable to work out that their mate is suspended in a cradle, three feet above the ground, until it is too late, and you can get a shot off.

Most of the modern electronic stuff we use for pigeon shooting is not particularly realistic looking to us, but it fools pigeons long enough to get them within range.

At times it really does pay to think like a woodie and see things their way for a change!

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  • steve berry

    after reading the comments by Peter Theobald I think that it is important to stress that by no means are wood pigeon to be regarded as stupid. These birds are extremly adaptable and great survivors (even though it sounds contradictory when you see them pouring into decoys like they are on suicide mission). I have also witnessed single birds swooping over small groups of birds in order to make the birds lift and join them as they fly onto a larger flock,which to me suggests a level of intelligence above that of purely