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Should I use a 20-bore just because I’m female?

Or would this female Gun be better off with a 12-bore?

Is a 20-bore shotgun best for women

Are you going to shoot game or focus on clayshooting?

Q: My husband has got me hooked on clayshooting and now wants to buy me a 20-bore because it’s lighter than the 12-bore I’ve been using. I am not particularly small and delicate and haven’t had a problem using his gun, although it’s a bit long in the stock. He insists, though, that I should use a 20-bore. What do you think? Is a 20-bore shotgun best for women?

A: First of all that’s great news that you are now hooked on clayshooting and I wish you many happy days out on the clay ground.

Now, over to your question about the best gun for you.

If you’re happy with the weight of the 12-bore then my advice would be to stick with it. You will find it steadier to shoot with than a lighter 20-bore and the effects of recoil from firing a long succession of cartridges will be reduced too.

I don’t know whether you plan to shoot recreationally or whether you have plans to become more competitive. If you do decide to enter some clayshooting competitions then you will see that nearly all the other women out there shoot 12-bores. Very few pick a 20-bore.

What's best for women? A 12-bore or 20-bore?

What’s best for women? A 12-bore or 20-bore?

It’s fair to say that the little 20-bore shotgun really comes into its own in gameshooting where, compared to clayshooting, you’re highly unlikely to fire as many cartridges in such short spaces of time as happens on a shooting ground.

Regardless of which gun you choose in the end, just make sure the stock suits your physique. It needs to be the right length at toe with more cast than you usually find on a gun being used by a man. The right stock dimensions to suit a woman’s frame will go a long way to avoiding unnecessary painful bruising.

My advice would be to go to a reputable gun shop and get your gun fitted to you.

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Enjoy your time out on the clay ground and in the field and welcome to our sport.