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A lincoln Shotgun

Q: I own a Lincoln 12-bore shotgun, with double triggers and fixed choke, serial no 48361. Despite hours spent searching the Internet I cannot find out anything about this gun or its maker. Can you help me?

A: The Lincoln range of shotguns was made in Italy for the Lincolnshire firm of David Nickerson (Tathwell) Ltd. They are robust, well-made and offer good value for money. They were available in several models, including the Jubilee, Jubilee Prestige, Lightweight, Premier and No2. They are now distributed by John Rothery Wholesale, As your gun was built in Italy, it will have a date code in the form of a pair of letters e.g. AD or as Roman numerals XXX. If you send me a copy of the code c/o Shooting Times I will be able to tell you the year that your gun passed through the proof house in Brescia.