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Are Sika deer tougher to kill than others?

Is this true, and why should they be so tough, on both counts?

George Wallace
Sika can be difficult to come to terms with because they tend to stay in cover, although that is not an invariable rule.

I have seen them browsing in a field of ripe maize but that didn’t make it any easier to shoot one because the corn was a good bit taller than the deer!

Stalkers of Roe Bucks have the same problem once the grass grows in early Summer.

Sika certainly look pretty tough and solid but are actually, on average, slightly smaller and lighter than Fallow so they are not really any more difficult to kill.

You just have to put the bullet in the right spot. I prefer a rifle in .30 calibre or larger for deer – but that’s just me and I know a professional deer manager who always uses a 6.5×55 on Sika with complete satisfaction.

Just shoot straight – and forget all that nonsense about Sika being as tough as Rhino.

If you can kill a Lion with a .30-06, or even a .303 for that matter – and a lot were, even though there could sometimes be severe repercussions – I’m quite sure you can kill a Sika cleanly with any legal deer cartridge.