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Are there any books on training a deer stalking dog?

Can you recommend any useful books or DVDs on the subject? Is it a long and involved process?

George Wallace
This can be a hobby in its own right and there is no doubt that in deer management, as in any other kind of hunting, the company of a well-trained dog brings more pleasure and satisfaction than any number of dead birds and animals.

I have always said that if I had to give up either the dog or the gun, the gun would be gone in an instant.

A real no-brainer.

I am familiar with two excellent books on the subject, both by my namesake Guy Wallace.

(Guy sometimes claims to be my nephew, but you mustn?t believe everything a Wallace tells you!)

First is his little booklet Training Dogs for Woodland Deer Stalking which is absolutely first rate; and then there is his weightier tome, also excellent, The Versatile Gundog ? Training HPRs for Gun, Rifle and Hawk.

The latter is published by The Sportsman?s Press, ISBN 0 948253 75 4.

You can get the booklet or his later volume, The Specialist Gundog which has a long section on deer dogs, direct from:
Guy Wallace,
Thrumster by Wick

The booklet is £6 plus 50p p&p and the book is £16.95 plus £1.55