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Are there any gun-dog books for novice trainers?

PETER BLATCH says: There is a book that comes to mind, in fact it’s one I recommended some time back – Gundog training made easy with Tony Price of Tawnyhill Gundogs.

I’m not saying this because Tony is a fellow contributor to Sporting Gun, but I honestly believe his book is well put together with lots of easy to follow photographs and written instruction. It’s nicely illustrated and has plenty of information for the novice and professional trainer alike.

His book has plenty of tips on how to get started and step-by-step training methods that will take the gundog owner right up to the finished article.

In this book Tony goes out of his way to show you some of the tips of the trade. It’s one that contains a lifetime’s worth of experience of gundogs… and he’s willing to share it with readers.

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