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Are triplets in deer becoming more common?

I was particularly interested owing to the fact that when I started here three years ago, none of the does had any more than one fawn born.

Roe triplets are not uncommon though it is rare for more than two to survive.

Deer will regulate their conception rate and also the sex of their young depending on available food.

If food is short, then less young are born and the majority will be males.

When food becomes plentiful, either because of reduced deer numbers or perhaps because global warming and wet summers have simply produced more food, more young will be born and the majority will be female.

Ain’t Nature wonderful?

From this, I think we can conclude that your culling policy is correct and is benefiting the overall health of the deer.

That being so, body weights should increase and also, probably, the quality of the Bucks’ antlers.

Good news all round and a credit to your management plan.