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Are wild boar occasionally known to eat roe deer kids?

Wild boar have now taken up residence on the land where I stalk, so if this is true, will it mean my deer numbers will fall in time?

George Wallace
Boar – like we humans – enjoy a varied diet and that includes meat from time to time, when they can get it.

So yes, young roe deer go down a treat if one is a bit slow on its feet and gets caught.

This doesn’t mean the presence of boar will reduce deer numbers in your parish; in spite of stalkers, death by motor vehicles, poachers, and predation on fawns by foxes the UK deer population continues to grow.

Rather than view wild boar as a threat, what you should be doing is getting a variation on your FAC to own a suitable wild boar shooting rifle.

Once that’s done you will be able to tuck into oodles of delicious pork steaks, as well as lovely venison!

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