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What are the benefits of a laminate gun stock?

A reader is thinking of going down the laminated route

laminate gun stock

Boyds laminated stock

Q: I am thinking of buying a Boyds laminate gun stock for my Remington 700 rifle. Can you tell me the benefits of doing so?

A: There are many benefits of a laminate gun stock, which comprises many layers of hardwood pressed together using heat, pressure and
resin to form a uniform material.

  • It allows for an internal and external stock design that is far stronger than any standard factory wood or plastic stock on offer.
  • Laminated stocks also have the benefit of being highly resistant to climatic changes and are virtually impregnable to water or moisture.
  • They retain their rigidity, which is ideal to maintain consistent bedding between the stock and the barrelled action. These stocks are also very good in hot weather as the UV rays from the sun do not degrade them and humidity in tropical climes doesn’t affect them. This makes them good for overseas stalking trips.
  • Finally, Boyds laminated stocks offer a cost-effective way to upgrade from a traditional walnut stock.