It just seems to fit me so well. It is an SKB trap model with adjustable comb.

I would like to bring the gun over here to the UK and use it as my main gun.

How do I do this? I understand that I would need to have it proofed if I ever intended to sell it.

Can I just bring it back in my checked baggage and when I get home notify my firearms officer, and have it added to my shotgun licence – or is the process more involved?

David Frost
There are four issues involved here. First you need to check with state and federal authorities in the USA to ensure you have the right paperwork to export the gun.

Second, whenever you fly with firearms you need to inform the airline at the time of booking.

The gun will need to be declared to customs on arrival in the UK and you are likely to have to pay VAT but the import of a gun for personal use does not usually need an import licence.

Third, talk to your local police to get the gun put on your certificate before you bring it in.

And fourth, consider getting it proofed in this country.

You may have no immediate plans to sell it but circumstances change.