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Can I claim insurance if someone’s gun blows up?

Quite apart from the obvious danger of him blowing himself up, where do we stand if one of us gets injured at the same time?

Can we claim against him, assuming there?s anything left to claim from?

David Frost
This raises several interesting issues. Firstly, any gun proofed for black powder should only be used with black powder cartridges.

They?re not too difficult to get hold of and you?ll know if he?s using them from the smoke that billows out of the barrels, and the acrid smell.

From what you say it sounds as if the gun may need professional attention as all barrels should be tight against the breech face when the gun is closed.

Loose actions can usually be tightened up provided the rest of the gun is in good order.

A well cared for gun will last several lifetimes but one that has been badly looked after may have gone out of proof.

For the owner?s safety and everyone else’s it needs to be checked.

Finally you would have a claim against the owner if the gun blew up and injured someone or caused damage to their property.

It?s the sort of thing that is covered by the shooting insurance policies issued by the main shooting organisations.

Joining one is usually the best way of getting this type of cover and you shouldn?t shoot without it.