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Can I get away with just one camo net when shooting?

The best colour for a camo net is a subject over which decoyers will argue for hours, but the fact remains, it has never been proven that pigeons really take any notice, one way or another.

Having said that, if it is possible to match the colour with the background, why not do so?

At least it removes the possibility that pigeons are being spooked by the sight of your hide from the equation.

Personally I do not think pigeons have the ability to reason that an odd coloured shape in the hedgerow, or even in the middle of a field, may, in some way harm them.

I have had days when I have been convinced the hide has been spooking birds away from the pattern, but invariably it is the sight of me lurking within, that has been causing the damage.

The slightest glimpse of the human shape, or even part of it, whether sitting standing or kneeling down, will instantly make the woody take evasive action.

It still makes me feel a whole lot better if my hide is as unobtrusive as possible, because it then has a better chance of doing its job – which is to hide me!

Most standard nets are about 14 feet long, which is fine when built against a background, but a longer one is required if you want to make a hide in the middle of a field.