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Can I have a 10-bore taken off my shotgun certificate?

However, I don?t want to use it but only to hang it on the wall. Can I have it taken off my shotgun certificate?

Also, can you tell me when it was made, and some history of the gunmaker?

Bill Harriman
J. W. Laird was originally a Birmingham gunmaker, in business at 10 Steelhouse Lane in 1848.

It seems that he, or more likely his son, moved to London, setting up at 6 Bishopsgate Without in 1889.

The company was short-lived and it is not recorded after 1896.

As your gun is a 10-bore it is classified as an antique and if you do not wish to shoot it, it does not have to be on your shotgun certificate.

Write to the police saying that henceforth you will be keeping it as ?a curiosity or ornament? as per Section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms Act and ask them to amend their records accordingly.

Strike out the entry on your certificate and the job is done.