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Can I remove a condition on my firearms certificate?

Q: Hi there I was just wondering about conditions on my firearms certificate which states that I can only use my .243 when accompanied by my friend who signed my ticket. He has no more experience in stalking or fox shooting than I do. I was hoping you can shed some light on the subject.

A: Oh dear, here we go again. This sort of rubbish is supposed to have stopped!

Write to the police and ask for the condition to be removed. In your letter you should point out that Chief Constable Andy Marsh, who speaks for ACPO on firearms licensing matters, wrote to all forces in April 2013 telling them to discontinue the use of these mentoring conditions.

There is no evidence to show that mentoring works and no force has been able to justify it when asked. I sometimes wonder if the police don’t do it just to make life difficult.