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Can you give me some information about buying a gundog?


Buying from proper working stock is essential for physical soundness, which is covered by the British Veterinary Association/Kennel Club (KC) health schemes, but also for temperament and trainability.

I suggest seeking advice from breeders, particularly those that have achieved the highest accolade of field trial champion (FTCh) in competition.

This is a KC recognised abbreviation, but while field trial winner (FTW) is a term in common use, it is not separately recognised or registered by the KC and can be misleading.

The same applies to a gundog working test winner (GWT), as the dog will have won using dummies and may not have worked on game.

D/DC means the dog’s tail has been docked and its dewclaws removed. For a hard-working spaniel this is essential to avoid injury.

Make sure you ask all the right questions of the breeder and all the KC registration documents are available before buying.

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