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Can you recommend any books or DVDs on long netting?

I assumed there was only one way to set nets of this sort. Obviously I have got a lot to learn.

Edward Cook
I have used and tried many different ways to set long-nets over the years and I haven’t found anything to beat the traditional system.

I use long-nets on a daily basis and over some truly horrendous countryside and industrial environments and I have yet to be let down by pegging them out the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Some people say I am behind the times but I have yet to see any pre-set net come anywhere near competing with a hemp long-net that runs from a set of anchor pins.

Some folk argue that pre-set systems are quick to run out, but what they don’t tell you is that most attract twigs like a magnet and make the re-setting of the net a painful process.

The time spent clearing the net could well deter nearby rabbits from bolting – and especially if the bunnies have been treated to a background barrage of swear words to accompany the clean up!

True, some netters use rakes to clear areas to set the nets but I haven’t got time and prefer to leave the gardening implements back home in the shed.

My advice would be to learn how to make your own nets and to buy the only book worth reading about long-netting – Harold Wyman’s Art of Long Netting.