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Can you tell me about my Verney Carron 16-bore Helice shotgun?

Bill Harriman
The Verney Carron Helice shotgun was first designed in 1904. The name Helice refers to the screw thread-like system, which formed the third locking point on the action.

Some fore-ends can be very stiff and difficult to remove.

Those with the push-in Anson catch can often be released by pushing in the catch with a short piece of dowel while at the same time pushing a piece of hard non-metallic material, such as a piece of plastic with a bevelled edge, between the barrels and the fore-end wood.

A gentle tap with a hammer may make it come loose.

If the fore-end is the Deeley type with a lift-up catch then the same process can be tried while the catch is held in the fully open position, preferably while wedged in place with a small piece of wood.

It is possible to remove a snap-on fore-end by gently inserting a small wooden wedge between wood and barrels and tapping gently.

It?s always a good idea to protect the barrels with several layers of masking tape.

Don?t use a screwdriver or other metal tools as you will scratch the barrels and bruise the wood.