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Could a Boxer become a decent gundog?

Have boxers ever been used in the shooting field and, considering the shape of their mouths, can they retrieve?

I have always wanted one as a family pet but if they can be trained to work that would be a bonus as I do some rough-shooting.

Paul Rawlings
I have seen a couple of boxers working as gundogs and judged one in a BASC novice test when it was held some years ago.

It could certainly mark the fall of dummies and retrieve them without too much difficulty and looked very happy doing so.

I have also heard of a boxer which regularly works on a large sporting estate in the Borders, and one in Worcestershire as well, so it is not that uncommon for the breed to be seen in the shooting field.

I have no personal knowledge of training a boxer for the gun but have handled several during their stay at my boarding kennels.

The breed is friendly and outgoing and has a willingness to please, so I see no reason why one should not become a well-trained companion and if you could find one with a retrieving instinct, then perhaps it could function as a gundog.

I am not sure the facial shape of a boxer would allow it to follow the scent of wounded game very easily but those I mentioned all pickup on shoots during the season.