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Could you possibly tell me about this VS2000 air rifle?

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There were also advertisements for two new air rifle models — the Airsporter Stutzen and a sidelever repeating rifle called the VS2000 air rifle.

Production addresses were Birmingham and Texas. I have seen the Stutzen offered for sale, but have not been able to discover anything about the VS2000.

Was this rifle ever made and, if so, what are the chances of obtaining one?

John Knibbs
James Edmiston bought the BSA Gun Company in 1984. Many improvements were made to several of the BSA models, including the Airsporter Stutzen, which was a successful model and is still much sought after by collectors.

The VS2000 model was an entirely new concept to the British air rifle market and was a refinement of a design conceived by Mr Edmiston’s original company.

It was the forerunner of most of the repeating spring-powered air rifles of today.

As well as a few prototype rifles produced for publicity purposes, only 10 or so of these rifles were ever produced.

The nine-shot magazine and manually operated magazine system were not really accepted by the shooting public and the rifle’s potential was not fully exploited by BSA Guns Ltd before the company again went into receivership.

I am sorry to say that the likelihood of obtaining one of these rifles is fairly remote, and there have been asking prices of upto £4,000 for existing models.