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Could you tell me about Paratrooper air rifles?

It has a contoured plastic stock with a pistol grip behind the pressed steel trigger guard.

There is a long tube magazine to load pellets, and it has grooves on the action, which I assume are for a scope, but how can one fit a telescopic sight when the magazine is in place?

Is there a special mount for the purpose? Also, could you tell me when this rifle was made, and whether it would be powerful enough for pest control at short ranges?

John Knibbs
The Paratrooper was made by El Gamo in Spain and was imported by ASI of Snape, Suffolk.

It was introduced in 1969 and discontinued about six years later.

It is a paramilitary-looking model and was very popular in its day.

It was produced as a repeater only in .177 calibre.

The magazine is difficult to load with single pellets, but El Gamo did produce plastic chargers ready-loaded with pellets, which can be fed directly into the magazine.

These are available in packs of four chargers, each containing 25 pellets.

A full range of spare parts as well as the pellet chargers is available.

Correctly maintained, your Paratrooper will be able to deal with any pest species at normal ‘garden’ ranges of up to 35 yards.

A telescopic sight can be fitted to the rifle if high ‘see through’ mounts are fitted.

I suggest you visit your local gunshop for advice.

Could you tell me about Paratrooper air rifles