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Do bale hides work in the open when pigeon shooting?

The farmer is keen for me to shoot the birds, understands the problem and has offered to drop bales off for hides wherever I want them if I think it would help.

Should I take him up on his offer, and do bale hides work when they?re out in the open?

Peter Theobald
If you really know your land well, permanent pigeon shooting hides can be a real godsend, removing the hassle of setting up nets on the day.

However, you also lose the flexibility of putting your hide where you judge to be the best place on any given day.

Pigeons will also give permanent hides a wide berth if they are occupied too frequently, or are used by farmers to hide their gas guns (yes, it does happen!)

But I would certainly take up the offer from your friendly farmer, making sure you are present when the bales are dropped into the field.

You should have a very accurate idea where you want them placed, and get him to put three or four piles in different locations to account for changing flightlines and wind direction.

Pigeons will soon ignore them, and in some situations, even use them as perches.