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Do I need a variation on my Firearms Certificate for dogs?

David Frost
It depends on what conditions you already have. Conditions imposed on FAC holders are often a waste of time and effort both for the holder and the police.

The condition you should have, or should ask to have, on your certificate is the following: ‘The (rifle/ sound moderator/ firearms / ammunition) shall be used for shooting (Named Principal Quarry Species) and any other lawful quarry, and for zeroing on ranges, on land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot.’

It is recommended by ACPO and allows you to shoot anything that is accepted as a quarry species either by virtue of the law or as the result of having an appropriate licence (seals, badgers etc).

I advise anyone who shoots live quarry and who has not got this condition (known to the police as the ‘other lawful quarry’ condition or OLQ) to ask for it to be applied when the certificate is next renewed or varied.

Some police forces now apply this condition routinely.

If yours doesn’t you should write to the Chief Constable and ask why not.

Do I need a variation on my Firearms Certificate for dogs