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Does the radius of the pistol grip affect your shooting?

Pistol grips come in all shapes and sizes, so what suits one shooter (and discipline), might not suit another.

What you must try and avoid is a really tight radius that holds your hand rigidly in place because this can then end up dictating the position of your elbow too.

An uncompromising grip can make it difficult to mount the gun on a moving target and it will also affect the smoothness of the swing. Equally, a very open grip can cause the hand to move position from shot to shot – again creating inconsistencies.

Most off-the-peg guns are a near enough fit for most people but those with noticeably larger/smaller hands or longer/shorter fingers would be well advised to check the situation out with a qualified gunsmith or stocker.

The ideal is to have a grip radius and diameter that allows us to hold and control the gun comfortably, at the same time letting us reach the trigger easily with our index finger. There should be no excessive pressure or strain involved in doing this.

Of the two I would prefer to have a slightly open grip – but don’t lose heart in your gun if the radius is too deep. The good news is that a stocker can usually shape the grip to suit the individual so if you’re not happy with what you’ve got, seek advice.