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8 commonly asked ferreting questions

Ferreting enthusiasts are generally keen to share information, knowledge and experiences. Here's a round-up of some commonly asked ferreting questions and the answers that our experts gave

Rabbiting 1. What do you do about ferreting in the summer months? How a keen ferreter makes best use of this ‘downtime’.


2. Will ferreting regularly make my ferrets tame? How are your skills with them?

hob ferret

3. Buying your first ferret. The do’s and don’ts. 

young ferrets 4. If a ferret is a bad mum, should I breed from her again? What’s the best thing to do?

ferret 5. What should I look for in a healthy ferret? How to spot a ferret that hasn’t been cared for properly.


6. How old should a ferret be before putting it to work? How young is too young?

Industrial Ferreting on an ancient hedgerow

7. How far can a lost ferret travel? A few fields away or a distance of miles?

Ferreting in Suffolk8. Can you ferret big burrows by yourself? Or do you need a helping hand?


Have a look at our ferreting videos too, for more hints and tips.


Tawny makes her ferreting debut

When the time was right I decided to take Tawny to Norfolk for her first time ferreting. We went to Norfolk, because…