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Has the German riflescope firm Pecar gone bust?

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Your information is quite correct. Pecar ceased to trade about 12 months ago but I do not think anyone has bought the name, so presumably your warranty has also gone ‘phutt’.

However, all is not lost. Faults are rare in modern scopes and usually manifest themselves very early on when one has slipped through quality control.

Later failures are most unusual, even when a scope has been subjected to abuse, but if the worst happens there are a number of people who may be able to help.

If you have access to Germany, Gerhard Optics on 00 49 5625 999 230 have expressed their willingness to repair and service Pecars, but I understand they have no spare parts.

Another highly regarded German specialist is Ulrich Kothe of Wetzlar.

Here in the UK I have used, and can recommend, action Optics of Southampton.

Richard tells me he has Pecar duplex reticles but no other spares and is happy to service and repair the scopes.

Contact him via his website, or by telephone on 023 8084 2801.