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Has the law changed for buying guns?

Shooting legal advice
Yes it is and the change hasn?t been well publicised either. As with so much these days we are being forced to conform with EU directives.

The minimum age at which you may now purchase or hire a rifle, shotgun or air gun or the ammunition for them is 18.

Formerly the age limit was 17 for rifles and shotguns.

It is now an offence to sell or hire a rifle, shotgun or air gun to anyone under the age of 18.

If someone under the age of 18 borrows a shotgun from the occupier to use in his presence, the occupier must be 18.

Likewise if someone aged 17 takes advantage of the estate rifle exemption to borrow a rifle the person from whom it is borrowed must be over 18.

A loader aged under 18 may only load for someone over 18.