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Have rotary decoyers made pigeon shooting more difficult?

Knocking down piles of woodpigeon just before they settle in the pattern gets a little tedious after a while, whereas a ?whirly? ensures the birds keeping flaring, turning and banking.

Or am I alone in relishing the challenge?

Peter Theobald
There is no question that whirlies have increased the number of opportunities you get from an average day?s shooting, but, in most situations they have made the shooting more difficult.

Some would say pigeons represent quite difficult enough targets, however they present themselves, but there is no doubt your skills are stretched even more when you employ a rotary machine.

Always remember that the first consideration when shooting woodpigeons is to control their numbers and minimise damage to farm crops.

In other words, if you?re shooting fewer birds than you did prior to getting a whirly then I think your farmer would prefer a return to the old times!