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High seats have been placed around my deer stalking patch!

I have noticed somebody has placed high seats against the trees in the wood (that are on my lease) facing out onto the neighbour’s land.

Could you tell me if this is against the law or ethically correct of my neighbour and what action you suggest I should take if so.

David Frost
If the high seat is in the wood and your neighbour who erected it does not have the permission of the landowner then it constitutes trespass.

If somebody sits in the seat with a rifle that would be armed trespass and you would be justified in calling the police.

Either way the person who erected the seat is breaking the law and should be asked to remove it forthwith.

Alternatively you could come to some arrangement with the neighbour who might be prepared to pay you for allowing a high seat provided he shoots only on his farm land, or he might give you some shooting rights in exchange.