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How can I stop my gundog from chasing cats?

Last night, she jumped a row of fences in pursuit of a cat and wouldn’t come back. I’m getting fed up. What do you advise?

Jackie Drakeford
This is no fun for the owner but terrific amusement for the dog. You need a higher fence with a good overhang so that she can’t jump out.

If you are limited by local regulations in the height of fencing you can erect, then a dog-proof inner pen around the back door is a good compromise.

There are some specialist companies that make cat-proof fencing so that cats can’t get in, and it doesn’t have to be particularly high.

Ultrasonic cat deterrents work fairly well, too, but you need a lot of them and they have to be carefully sited.

All the while cats stray into the garden, they will be disturbing your dog — and your sleep — so it is worth it in the long-term to keep them out.

Forgive your dog — she is only being a normal dog doing what she thinks is her job, and she has no concept of how irritating this is for you.