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How do you hit low incomers when clay pigeon shooting?

The first thing to do with this target is to be disciplined in how you go about shooting it

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A coach will help you with your gun mount

Want to improve your clayshooting technique? Here are some tips on hitting low incomers.

The bird is released way out in front of the stand and slowly comes towards the shooter, eventually dropping and disappearing from view, hitting the ground around 20 or so yards out.

Tips for shooting this type of clay

  • Stay relaxed and have the gun down as you call for the bird. Watch the flightline before it’s your shot and try and decide how late you can leave the bird before it starts to drop.
  • Imagine a fence post under its line of flight – this will give you a key marker and makes matters more straightforward
  • Don’t start moving the gun until the target has passed the post.
  • Hold the gun muzzles below the bird
  • As the target starts to come into range, mount the gun by bringing it up to the bird
  • Always mount the gun just before you’re ready to fire
  • Shoot almost as soon as the gun has been mounted
  • Bear in mind the clay can often be seen coming from a long way back, so there’s a temptation to mount the gun early and track it into the kill zone with the muzzles. Don’t do this.
  • slow incomers clay target

    Slow incomers – how to deal with them

A few more clay tips

  • If you wait until the bird shows signs of dipping or dropping you will be in trouble. In fact, this is the main reason for people missing this type of target. So don’t delay but don’t rush it either.
  • For success you need to place the target on the bead of the muzzle, keep the swing going and pull the trigger.
  • This is an easy enough target to break once you realise it’s far easier to raise the gun up to a mark rather than bringing it down to one.