gun mountIf you want to be a really good Shot with an excellent technique, then you should practice your gun mount regularly.

It is one of the basics that need to be perfected. Get it right and you will realise your full potential.

A good gun mount should be smooth, unhurried, with both hands working together.

Key for accurate shooting consistently

It is probably one of the most important but difficult things you need to master and one of the keys to consistently accurate shooting

 Gun mount is not just about getting the stock to the face and shoulder but also keeping the barrels on the line of the target at the same time.

And the only way to do that is to use both hands together – the hand gripping the stock needs to lift at the same time as the forward hand ‘pushes’ the muzzles towards the target.

Here are our articles to guide you.

how to mount your gun

How to mount your gun

The mount is a crucial part of your shooting technique and knowing how to mount your gun correctly can quite easily be the difference between hitting or missing a target. Where to start When you begin shooting it is quite normal to start in the shoulder, but as soon as…

shooting stance

Footwork and how it affects your success when shooting

Most Guns don’t understand how footwork helps them, and when asked will probably answer along the lines of killing the bird wherever your front foot is, or something to that effect. Here’s why  good shooting footwork is essential Your shooting stance gives you the platform from which to mount your…

eye dominance

Are your eye dominance issues really the problem with your shooting?

Most people have a dominant 
eye, meaning that their brain has 
a neurological preference for the visual input from a particular eye. 
For right-handers it is usually the 
right eye and for left-handers the 
left, though not always. In some cases the brain has no preference — this is cross-dominance.…

improve your gun-mount

Improve your gun-mount in minutes

I’m going to show you some exercises here to improve your gun-mount which you can at home, in just a few minutes a week. They’re free and will pay huge dividends. But you need to do them regularly. Gun-mount, footwork and turns should be automatic and subconscious Practice these tips…

Ben Davies of Bisley

Gun mount and gun fit – going back to basics

Close decoying pigeons often look like the easiest shot, but too many misses can be the start to a memorable day for all the wrong reasons. The key is attention to basics — I often tell clients that if it feels hard, they are doing it wrong — so the…

gun mount practice

How to practise your gun mount at home

There is no substitute for regular mounting practice to achieve a smooth, fluent and efficient mount — bringing the comb up under the gun sight, aligning your shooting eye perfectly time after time. I recommend some exercises that you can do on your own in your home, using an unloaded…


How can I make my gunmount more consistent?

Adam Calvert is a freelance shooting instructor with a global reputation, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction in addition to being a Fabbri ambassador. He offered this advice on gunmount.  Getting your gunmount accurate and above all consistent is probably one of the most important but equally difficult things you can master…