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How much would a gundog stud fee be?

Jemma Clifford
The price of a stud fee reflects the standard of the sire you’ve chosen for your bitch – the better it is, the more you can expect to pay for a mating.

If the dog you have in mind is, say, a well known Field Trial champion, then the price would probably be somewhere in the region of £650- £700.

This might seem a lot but you should always remember that if your bitch is of good stock too then the price of the resultant pups will reflect the stud charge.

Bear in mind as well that the owner of the sire might ask to have the pick of the litter, rather than a stud fee in cash.

A puppy selling for £700 might seem a bit steep but it’s not that high when you take into account the amount of money spent on stud fees followed by feed costs, worming then veterinary bills associated with hips/eyes/and elbow scores to pay for.

Sometimes you might see a dog working in the field that you like the look of and think would make a good sire as long as it passes hip scores and the like.

If everything is okay then a litter out of this dog could be a cheaper option in the region of £350 – 450.

The rule I always follow is to find a dog with good field trial blood lines as this will always sell the resultant pups.