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I have trouble pigeon shooting over pea fields

All I can think is that the birds weren’t seeing my decoys sitting on top of the vines. The farm has planted peas again this year. How do you tackle these crops in terms of decoy patterns?

Peter Theobald
The three hard and fast rules for successful pigeon shooting with decoys remain the same, no matter what crop you are shooting over.

They are:
1. Find the field where most birds want to feed.
2. Identify what part of that field the birds want to use on the day of your visit.
3. Set your pattern as near to that spot as practical, in such a way that any flighting pigeons can see it.

It is the third aspect that is crucial when shooting over crops like well-grown peas or rape stubble.

It is vital to get the pattern above the crop, and include plenty of movement provided by rotaries and flappers.

Do not be shy to elevate your static decoys on canes if necessary, even if they look ridiculous from ground level – by the time incoming pigeons spot the deception it will be too late.