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I sent in my shotgun licence application two months ago!

I came off the stand with a Cheshire cat grin and couldn’t wait to get out to the range again.

After turning down various offers of weekend shopping trips with the better half, to go shooting with her dad, I got more and more keen on getting my licence, but as I work in the merchant navy, time at home was at a premium.

I finally took the plunge and submitted my shotgun licence application with the relevant fees two months ago and arranged for a cabinet to be installed in my home.

Two months later nothing has happened. The police were quick enough to take my fee money, but none too quick to process my application, so no chance for gun shopping after my trip away at sea yet again!

David Frost
Disgraceful! Get the name of your Chief Constable from the force’s website and write personally to him to complain.

It’s his job to provide a fair, effective and efficient licencing service, which he’s clearly not doing.

If you aren’t already a member of BASC you should join and will then be able to get advice and help from their firearms department.

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