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I struggle with game shooting when it’s windy!

Game shooting
Even the slightest cross wind will cause a bird to drift sideways a little. And the harder it blows, the more pronounced is the ?curl?.

Trouble is, with nothing but sky as a backdrop, it?s the devil?s own job to determine how sharply a bird is veering to one side.

In fact it might take you a few shots to get the ?measure? of the problem.

That, though, is one of the great challenges of driven shooting.

But regardless of the technique you use the golden rule is to start the gun moving with the muzzles inside the curl of the bird and keep the swing going after you squeeze the trigger.

Having the gun in front of ? and inside ? the line of a curling bird creates a strange sight picture but the secret is to trust your judgement and fire regardless.

Whatever you do, don?t check the swing of the gun.