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I’m after a new rifle scope and am considering the Zeiss Duralyt range?

Steve Bowers
Buying quality optics for a stalking rifle is essential if you are to achieve a good image and retain zero, and this is why I always recommend spending as much as you can afford on optics.

If, however, you are on a limited budget then consider purchasing a secondhand premium brand rather than a new cheaper make for the same money as quality optics, provided they are not damaged in any way, are invariably superior.

The new Zeiss Duralyt range of rifle scopes offers three scopes at very reasonable cost. The models are the 1.25x36mm, the 28x42mm and the 312x50mm.

These three are also available with illuminated reticules.

The smallest model retails for under £600, which is extremely good value for money when one considers the quality of the optics.

These scopes are made in Germany and the lenses give bright clear images, even at dusk.

The reticule choice is limited to one, or two if you count the illuminated version but the 30mm body and multicoated lens and precise adjustment are impeccable.

Even if you upgrade to the illuminated version at increased cost you still have a new scope that will beat anything in its class.