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Is wild boar shooting on my deer land lawful?

The landowner has asked me to shoot any I see, but does the Law allow me to do so?


George Wallace
If, when you finally see the miscreants, they turn out to be Large Whites or Gloucester Old Spots or Tamworths or whatever, they will be someone’s wandering property and shooting them would not be a good idea.

However, as long as the pigs do not belong to anyone – and if they are truly wild, what the legislation calls ferae naturae, they do not – then you may shoot them without breaking any law.

However, check that the condition on your firearm certificate allows you to shoot quarry other than deer and if it does not, then all the more enlightened police firearms licensing departments will change it for you to what we call the OLQ Condition, allowing you to shoot deer and Other Lawful Quarry.

Check also that your rifle is suitable.

Piggy is a tough customer and takes a dim view of being poked by an inadequate bullet.

Remember that the skin on a boar’s shoulders and neck can be well over an inch thick and is often covered in hard mud, so arm yourself accordingly.