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I’ve been given a Webley Mark 3 air rifle in .22 calibre!

John Knibbs
The Webley & Scott Mark 3 air rifle was introduced in 1946 and was launched just before the Airsporter air rifle, which came out in 1948 in club and airsporter versions.

All of these designs were based on the successful BSA Standard pattern air rifle and, in fact, some of their parts are fully interchangeable.

Your air rifle was designed as a full-power sporting rifle and when in full working order, it is quite capable of dealing with all types of small game at normal air rifle ranges (up to 45 yards).

The rifle will have no provision for fitting a telescopic sight, but it is possible to fit a compatible rail on the top of the cylinder, which will take most modern scope mounts.

Fortunately, as with all British made air weapons, a full range of replacement parts are still available for this very collectable air rifle.

Webley Mark 3 air rifle.