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I’ve put on a lot of weight and my shooting is getting worse. Why?

Q: I have put on an awful lot of weight following an operation two years ago and since then my shooting has got progressively worse. I exercise regularly and there’s nothing wrong with my eyes or eye dominance, so why the decline? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Sorry to hear about your problem which I strongly suspect is linked to your weight increase. If your chest and face have filled out substantially then it’s a fair bet the stock on your gun is no longer suited to your changed frame.

Book a session with a trained fitter who will pay close attention to the stock’s comb height and cast – in particular the amount of cast it has at toe. Extra flesh on your face will affect height and cast, while a broadened chest will almost certainly require the toe to be turned out more in order for the butt plate to slide into, and sit, comfortably in your shoulder pocket.