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Keeping the hutch cool

A)The position of the living quarters for any animal is vital for its well-being and especially so with ferrets as they do not fare well in extreme heat. Position the hutch so that it is free from draughts, rain, snow or hot sun, depending on the season. In the summer you must pay attention to the position of the sun at different times of the day. Ensure that the ferret run is not in direct sunlight and that extra water is readily available, specially if you are using dry feed. On extremely hot days I soak some towels and place them over the runs of the cages outside and regularly re-soak them to compensate for evaporation. This helps keep the temperature inside the run down to a comfortable level and provides shade. This is especially important if an animal decides to take an afternoon nap in the run section. In extreme heat, it may also be advisable to keep a spray bottle filled with cool water to douse the ferrets. This will help to control their body temperature.