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Can a shooter with one eye shoot legally?

Q: Some years ago I lost the sight in my left eye. It has never been a problem for my shooting, as I shoot off my right shoulder. My doctor is happy with my eyesight, I have a driving licence and I am not registered disabled in any way. However, on my recent shotgun renewal, the police have told me that I cannot now shoot unless I am accompanied by someone. Can they insist on this?

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A: No, they cannot. The police may not attach an “accompanied” condition to a shotgun certificate in the way that they may add a condition to a firearm certificate. If you are a certificate holder, then you may continue to shoot unaccompanied as you have done in the past.

Were the police to believe that, because of your reduced eyesight, you could not be permitted to possess a shotgun without risk to public safety, they could consider refusing your renewal. However, they would have to involve your GP, and if he or she is supportive then your case remains strong. Lack of sight in your left eye should not in any way preclude you from shooting.