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My game shooting is going down hill!

The gun still feels comfortable and I?m not aware of doing anything different to normal. Can you give me some idea on what might be going wrong?

John Bidwell
The only way of knowing for sure would be to actually see you game shooting, but in your case the word ?see? could in truth be the operative word here.

So let me ask you a question – when did you last have your eyes tested?

Eyesight deteriorates as we get older and changes can also take place where eye dominance is concerned.

Unfortunately, altered or weakening sight (like hearing loss) is often a gradual process so the sufferer is rarely aware anything?s amiss.

My advice would be to get into town today and have your eyes tested by an optician ? if there is a problem and you need to wear glasses or contact lenses then you might be able to finish the season shooting to your usual standard again.