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My landlord won’t let me shoot swarming rabbits!

I don?t own the sporting rights, but is there anything at all I can do?

David Frost
Yes. Under the Ground Game Act 1880 the occupier and certain people acting on his behalf have an inalienable right to control ground game ? hares and rabbits in other words.

As the grazing tenant you are an occupier (unless your grazing rights are for nine months or less) and you may either use a gun yourself or give one other person written permission to do so on your behalf.

You can also use other means such as ferreting but anyone doing this on your behalf must have your written permission.

It is unlawful for the landlord to try to deprive his tenant of the right to control ground game.

Go ahead and get the gun out but be sensible if the occupier starts to create a fuss.

Draw his attention to the Act and tell him, politely, that you intend to continue to exercise your right as the occupier.