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My vet wouldn’t sign my shotgun licence renewal

Neil McIntosh
Don?t! Your vet is quite right to refuse to endorse your application. It is not a reflection of his opinion of you!

In the good old days, as you can see from the paperwork, the authorities looked for a Justice of the Peace or other professional to act as a referee.

Now things have changed.

A very nice lady called Louise at Strathclyde Police Firearms Licensing Unit confirmed that they really want referees that know applicants well.

Even though your vet sees you regularly, would he really be expected to know if you had a drink, depression or family problem?

The Police would far rather you ask a friend who socialises with you.

He or she certainly does not need to be a professional person.

Louise also advised that, had your vet said yes, his subsequent police interview would have proved him to be an inadequate referee and you would have been asked to re-submit your application with a new one.

So, don?t fall out with your vet ? he?s probably just saved you weeks of time and trouble!