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Can I get a shotgun certificate after having a stroke?

How will a stroke affect a shooter's future in the sport? David Barrington Barnes advises.

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Several years ago I had a stroke but I have made a very good recovery. However I am wondering about the future of my shooting career as I would like to take up the sport again. In the past I have enjoyed going clay shooting and was wondering what my chances are of obtaining a shotgun certificate for shooting after a stroke in order to pursue the sport again? Is it likely my GP will give me the go-ahead do you think?

Shooting after a stroke

The relevant part of Question 15a on the shotgun certificate application form is: Do you suffer from any medical condition?

Asking this question means that you have to give an honest answer and  disclose that you have suffered a stroke and when. You can assume your GP will be asked to report on your post-stroke condition.

If, as you say, you have made a good recovery, then your local firearms licensing authority will be aware of this and of the extent to which you are still, if at all, affected by it.

This should act in your favour, as the police must look at your application in its entirety.

The police are not authorised by the Firearms Acts to speculate on whether stroke sufferers or, for that matter, those suffering from other conditions, should be automatically refused a shotgun certificate.

As you want a certificate to enable you to go clayshooting, you have a good reason for possessing a gun.

Your firearms department will then want to be satisfied that you can possess a shotgun without posing a danger to the public or a threat to the peace. (You are included in ‘the public’ by the way.)

Assuming there is nothing else against you, the decision to grant or refuse a certificate should be based on the information supplied by you and your GP, and possibly with advice from the police’s own medical officer.

So in summary, shooting after a stroke should be a distinct possibility for you. Enjoy the sport.